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Seasonal & Outdoor
Seasonal & Outdoor

As the seasons change so do our supplies. Throughout the year, Baldwin Lumber stocks popular seasonal items. Fire rings are displayed just after the snow melts. In the spring before Mother’s Day, we stock a large supply of potted and hanging flowers. Late summer and early fall are the time for beautiful mums, and you’ll find our sidewalk out front loaded with them in a variety of colors.

We carry a full complement of bird foods. Our bird suet cakes are some of the best quality and value around. Inside the store you will find bags of sunflower seed, mixed seed, peanuts, whole and cracked corn, and more!

Different season’s call for different tools; shovels, rakes, hoes, fertilizers, garden hose, hose accessories, gardening tools, wheelbarrows, lawn edging, insecticides in sprays, powders, granules, and traps. If you grow, water, dig, hammer, rake, clean, trim, repair or remove it, we’ve got you covered—and then some. At Baldwin Lumber, you will find a full supply of items for your lawn and gardening needs.


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